2013 Georgia Deer HuntingThe 2017 deer hunting season to say the least was a good year at the gray Ghost Plantation. Pictured here is one of our guests Jeff Herron from Ft. Myers Florida who tagged out on a nice 10 point buck. The weather is a big factor for deer hunting and the 2014 deer hunting season in Georgia was cooler than normal bringing some frigid temperatures to middle Georgia along with some snow that is very rare for this area.

 Jeff was hunting some of the thicker areas on the property and this is were you will normally find some of your larger bucks. He said he watched this deer the day before and could not get a clear shot on the buck so he let it walk in hopes of seeing him again. The next day it happened, he saw the buck working a scrape line and when the deer got into a clear line of fire Jeff made a great shot on him and he went down immediately. We estimated this buck to be in the 3 to 4 year range with a very nice rack for a younger deer. Jeff says hopefully he passed on the genes before he was taken.