Driving deer can work almost anytime, but it's especially useful when deer won't budge from thick cover. When staging a drive, a group (or a pair) of hunters splits into two groups: drivers and posters. The drivers walk through holding cover, trying to push deer toward the posters, who sit still waiting to ambush driven deer.

Drivers need to stay close enough together to keep deer from slipping through the gaps (the thicker the cover, the closer together they should be). Posters should sit downwind of drivers in an area (preferably elevated) that offers clear shooting lanes. For safety's sake, drives should be carefully planned; everyone should wear hunter-orange clothing and always be aware of each other's positions.


Wild Turkey
Meleagris gallopavo

The male has dark iridescent feathers overall, red wattles on the throat, and a dark tuft suspended from the breast. The female is duller than the male, lacks wattles, and often lacks a breast tuft. hese are large game birds. Males measure 117 cm (46 in) from beak tip to tail tip; females measure 94 cm (37 in). A long neck, featherless blue head, strong spurred legs, and a fan-shaped tail.



2018Georgia Quail Hunting Season

The 2018-2019 Georgia Quail hunting season is the time of year when quail hunters can legally pursue Bobwhite Quail throughout the state of Georgia. This quail hunting season in Georgia is determined by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Wildlife Resources Department with approval from the United States Fish and Wildlife Service. These two entities are responsible for all the rules and regulations as they are related to the quail hunting season, such as what licenses that each hunter will have to have in their possession, what weapons can each hunter use to  quail hunt in Georgia, what are the dates of this quail hunting season and where in the state can hunters enjoy this sport. All these rules and regulations are in place to help with the management of Bobwhite Quail in Georgia as well as to help ensure the future of quail hunting in Georgia.



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