Quail hunting in Georgia, and the Southeast is famous. At Gray Ghost Plantation  you will experience the finest quail hunting available at any quail hunting plantation.  For real variety you can also do a half day quail hunt  while your here with us on a deer hunt. For years, we have been producing some of the best Quail & Deer Hunting in Georgia. It's what bird hunting and deer hunting used to be like in Georgia and throughout the Southeast.

Thousands of  acres of land intensively managed for Quail and Whitetail deer plus Turkey. Located just an hour west of Macon, Georgia and 30 minutes east of Columbus, Georgia, we offer not only Quail Hunting and Deer Hunting but turkey hunting as well.  

With a beauitful lodge, we have the perfect place for Quail & Deer hunting, corporate retreats or meetingsand family hunting trips. Georgia is an icon for quail hunting and you will experience Quail hunting at it's finest, with great cover for the quail, thousands of acres to hunt, and plenty of quail is a combination for a great quail hunt in Georgia. You will encounter several large covey flushes on every hunt. Another great thing about quail hunting at our plantation there is never an extra charge for extra birds and our quail hunting fees are the lowest in the industry to provide everyone with an affordable quail hunt.

Gray Ghost Plantation manages over 1,500 acres of prime quail hunting habbitat to provide the best quail habitat. We have  wild coveys as well as liberated birds  throughout the property to ensure a quaility quail hunting experience. We provide our quail hunters with  professional guides, dogs, and an experience you will not soon forget. The most seasoned wing shooters will enjoy the large covey rise at our quail plantation. Gray Ghost Plantation  is located in Southwest Georgia in the heart of the quail hunting capital of the world.

 Quail Hunting at Gray GHoat Plantation  is like taking a step back in time. With the finest professional guides and hunting dogs, Our new lodge, outstanding meals, accommodating staff, pristine woodlands and genuine southern hospitality, You will want to return and quail hunt with us.