Everyone at some point who is a quail Hunter eventually wants to quail hunt Georgia. Georgia offers some of the best Quail hunting plantations in the south and it is a true tradition to say the least.  Bobwhite quail hunting brings the dog and hunter together in a timeless connection. Quail hunters from all over the south come to Georgia to pursue what has always been a gentelmans sport. No other hunting has a richer tradition, nor more exciting to see a pointer locked on to its covey, on a cold December morning.

Quail hunting plantaions in Georgia can vary from place to place the skies the limit, over time the rich in tradition has transfered to it being dubbed the rich mans sport. You will find a variety of Quail Hunting Rates in Georgia, from what I call a workin mans hunt to the finest accomidations for Quail Hunting in Georgia. I truly beleive that the pointers and flush dogs are the real joy of quail hunting, as well as being in the field with fellow hunters, enjoying the outdoors, and watching the dogs work. If you would like to experience a Georgia quail hunting adventure in a laid back atmosphere Gray Ghost Plantation can make your  quail hunting trip in Georgia a memorable one.