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Quail Hunting driven by a long southern tradition for years in the southern states including Georgia being the top state for quail hunting and the classic Georgia plantation Setting.

For quail hunters, the pursuit of a bobwhite quail is a passion and a way of life. Gray Ghost Plantation preserves that rich southern sport of quail hunting in the south and offers that experience to its quail hunters, our plantaion is one of the best quail hunting plantations in the south.

At Gray Ghost Plantation we preserve these traditions of  southen Georgia quail hunting. Come experience middle Georgias premiere  quail hunting plantation.  Experience the old tradition of  quail hunting in Georgia as it has been done on most of the  Quail Hunting  plantations for over 100 years.

Located in middle Georgia aslo called quail country, we provide our hunters at a chance to experience the old south and the tue tradition of wingshooting.


The quail hunting tradition at Gray ghost plantation is still practiced today, walking the hedge rows with dogs on point, along side family and friends and watching the covey rise is something that has been a tradition for many years at gray ghost plantation. For quail hunters, the pursuit of the bob white

quail is a passion and for some is a way of life. With dwindiling oppertunitys for the next generation of quail hunters gray ghost plantation wants to preserve the old tradition and thirves to keep quail hunting preserved for the next generation. Hunting quail in Georgia is also an important part of family as

well as having the oppertunity to keep the tradition alive. It is not often in our busy lives that we get to spend some quality time with family and friends in the field sharing the old southern Quail hunting tradition.