Deer, Turkey & Quail Hunting in Georgia


Georgia Deer Hunting

At Gray Ghost Plantation, we ensure that you will experience the best possible Georgia deer hunting trip. You will have an excellent opportunity to hunt whitetail deer on our plantation in Georgia. Our highly skilled guides, unique on-site accommodations, and a history of some of the best deer hunting in the state of Georgia. You are guaranteed an unforgettable experience. Join us for a four day Georgia Whitetail deer hunt. We use quality deer management plans to raise quality deer. Deer hunting in Georgia is some of the best whitetail hunting in the southeast united states. Whitetail deer hunting has been a favorite past time that deer hunters have enjoyed for years. Book a deer hunt in Georgia today.

Georgia Quail Hunting

At Gray Ghost Plantation, we offer some of the best Georgia quail hunting in the state as well as top-notch lodging and great food. The vast quail fields and untouched pine forest make it perfect for a great bird hunt. Excellent bird dogs and top guides make your quail hunting trip with us a great wing shooting event. Compared to other quail hunting plantations, gray ghost plantation stands out as one of the best quail hunting plantations in Georgia. For a great hunting experience, book your next quail hunting trip in Georgia. Book today and enjoy one of the best quail hunting plantations in Middle Georgia.

Georgia Turkey Hunting

Some of the finest Georgia turkey hunting can be found here at Gray Ghost Plantation in the state’s middle part. With a 90% success rate. Our Guides are the best callers in the business and cater to the turkey hunter one on one. Our turkey hunting in Georgia is some of the best in the region. With high percentage rates of good mature turkeys, your chance of harvesting that Georgia turkey is great. Hunting for the prized gobbler with a long beard is the ultimate hunters rush. Turkey hunting season in Georgia starts in Spring in March. Join us on a Georgia Turkey Hunt Today.

Georgia Deer Hunting Plantation  

One of the best Georgia deer hunting plantations in Georgia is Gray Ghost Plantation. When you hunt at our farm in Georgia, you will experience a premier hunting property. A deer hunting plantation is a place where deer hunters can enjoy the outdoors and have the chance to harvest that trophy whitetail deer. Hunters choose us for whitetail deer, turkey, and quail hunting in Georgia. Gray Ghost Plantation covers 1200 acres of prime hunting land in Central Georgia. Our plantation manages for quality whitetail deer; additionally, we provide excellent food sources for our deer herd. Come and experience a true southern hunting plantation. Click here to book your deer hunting trip.

Turkey Hunting Guides 

At Gray Ghost Plantation during the Spring, we offer the best turkey hunting in Georgia. Our Turkey hunting guides are the best in the business and provide a one on one experience. Georgia turkey hunting season starts in Spring every year, in March. Our guides will help you through the entire time you are turkey hunting with us. Although you don’t need to have a Turkey hunting Guide when hunting with us, it is wise. Your success rate with a guide is 90%. Join us on a Turkey hunt in Georgia Today.  Click here to book your turkey hunting trip today.

Quail Hunts in Georgia 

The quail hunting capital of the world is Georgia in the United States. Quail hunting Georgia is a wing shooter’s choice for premier quail hunting. The southern hospitality of a quail hunting plantation and plenty of bobwhite quail make for an excellent day of wing shooting. One of the best things about quail hunting is watching the dogs work and on point. Excellent bird hunting dogs make for a unique quail hunting experience. Our quail hunting guides will ensure that your experience with us is memorable while quail hunting in Georgia. For information on quail hunting in Georgia, click here to book your Georgia quail hunt today.

Georgia Hunting Information & Hunting Season Dates 2022/2023 

Below you will find Georgia hunting information & hunting season dates for 2022/2023. The hunting season dates for Georgia are for deer, quail, and turkey. For specific bag limits and additional species and Georgia hunting License information, please visit the Georgia Department of natural resources website. If you have particular questions about Georgia’s hunting information or nonresident hunting licenses for Georgia, please email or call us at 1-478-334-5841. We can provide additional hunting information for you.

Quail Hunting In Georgia

For information on quail hunting in Georgia, contact us today to book a half-day, Full day or weekend quail hunt. Gray Ghost Plantation offers quail hunting and southern hospitality. Our hunting plantation is just forty-five minutes from Columbus, Macon, and Americus Ga. One hour and 55 minutes south of Atlanta, Ga. Call us at 1-478-334-5841 or email us today to book a quail hunt.


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