Georgia Hunting Plantation


 Gray Ghost Plantation

Welcome to Gray Ghost Plantation, a premiere Georgia hunting plantation located in Mauk, Georgia in, Taylor county. We are a family-owned and operated hunting plantation in Georgia. The Gilbert family purchased the plantation years ago and manages it for whitetail deer, eastern turkey, and bobwhite quail. Our Business model provides a relaxing atmosphere for our hunters and creates great memories in the outdoors. Here at our plantation, you will enjoy excellent accommodations at our hunting lodge as well as have an opportunity to harvest quality game.The Gilbert family at their Georgia Hunting Plantation

Our hunting plantation offers deer hunting, turkey hunting, as well as quail hunting. We make every hunt memorable for our hunters during hunting season. The key to being the best hunting outfitter in Georgia is doing all we can for our clients. We achieve this by striving to make every customer’s stay with us a great hunting experience. Our plantation does not sell deer; we offer our clients the chance to hunt on well-managed hunting property. It is excellent for friends, family, or corporate groups. 

About Our Plantation

Our name, Gray Ghost plantation, derived from three things: the owner was walking the property on a foggy morning inspecting timber with a friend. Upon walking up a draw, they both stopped in their tracks to admire a large older whitetail deer. They could tell he was a mature buck with a gray coat and a large rack. He was standing in the fog up to his chest. They immediately looked at one another with a surprised look. They both looked back, and within a few seconds, the buck disappeared without a sound.

The second reason for the name was that the plantation’s original size was much larger in size. It was approximately fifty-five hundred acres of hunting land and planted farm fields. Back in the civil war, the plantation was owned by a man named Eli Stewart, who was a Captain in the civil war. In the civil war, they sometimes referred to Confederate soldiers as gray ghosts. Captain Eli Stewart’s gravesite remains on the plantation today next to his wife.

Giana Gilbert with here fist deer at a Georgia Hunting PlantationThe third and final reason may not be significant to most. However, it is to the owner. The next generation to manage the plantation is Giana Gilbert, their daughter. Her initials are G.G. as well as Gray Ghost. As a result, that is how the Georgia hunting plantation was named.

Hunting Outfitter

Come and join us for some of the best deer, turkey, and quail hunting in Georgia. Come in and relax in the lodge after the days hunt and treat yourself to home cooking with southern hospitality. Our Georgia Hunting Plantation is for everyone. Single hunters, Family’s, friends, or company outings. Enjoy your next hunting adventure with us and book a hunt with a great hunting outfitter.

Georgia Hunting Outfitter

If you are looking for a quality hunt and a Georgia hunting outfitter that offers deer, quail, and turkey hunting Gray Ghost Plantation can arrange a hunt for you. Come and hunt the hardwoods of Georgia in a southern backdrop. To book your hunt, call us at 478-334-5841 call or email us today.