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Hunting Season Safety - Deer in the woods

2020-2021 Georgia Hunting Season Safety

June 18, 2020

We believe in safe hunting at Gray Ghost Plantation. Safety should always be your #1 priority when you’re out hunting game. Without practicing even one vital component of safety when hunting for turkey, deer, quail, or some other game, you risk the chance of dealing with a serious injury, either inflicted on you or someone else. But it’s usually hard to practice hunting season safety when there are so many rules you need to keep in mind. But don’t worry, we’ve compiled a small list below for you to read up on so you can learn some practical tips. While these are just a few of many things to keep in mind, these are perhaps some of the most important hunting safety tips. 

Get Familiar With Your Equipment, Especially Your Hunting Weapon

It’s important that you get familiar with all the equipment you’re going to take with you on your trip. And this advice applies especially to your firearm, bow, or any other type of hunting weapon. Knowing how your equipment functions will give you insight into how to resolve potential problems you could run into when out hunting. If your firearm misfires, for instance, it’s better that you know the mechanics of its design in order to properly and safely adjust it to perform properly.

Treat Your Firearm as if it Were Loaded

A firearm’s safety is there to prevent accidents from occurring. But don’t just solely rely on that when handling your firearm. Even when the safety is on and there’s no ammunition in your firearm, you should always treat it as if it’s loaded when you’re out on your hunting trip. Firearms are deadly equipment that can potentially kill someone and they should always be handled with care even when they appear to be at their least threatening state.

Keep Your Firearms Unloaded When Not in Use

To further practice firearm safety, you should always keep your firearm unloaded when it’s not in use. Doing so reduces the risk of accidents occurring during your hunt. By safely loading your firearm only when you’re out seeking game, you lessen the chance of fatally shooting someone while out in the wild.

Be Certain of Your Target & What’s Beyond it

When you’re out hunting game, and your firearm locks onto your target, don’t just outright shoot your weapon. Assess the area, look around you, and aim. Before you pull the trigger, be sure you know what’s beyond your target. If you even think that someone is hidden in some bushes behind your target, do not shoot. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Stray Away From Alcohol & Drugs During Firearm Use

If you’re under the influence of alcohol or drugs, it is highly recommended that you don’t go out shooting. Being under the influence of such substances while hunting is the same as being under the influence while driving. It can be potentially fatal and it will either kill you, someone else, or both. Hunting season safety is about everyone involved, come sober, and prepared.

Identify Where You’re Going With Other Hunting Party Members

If you’re in a group with other hunters and you all intend on splitting up, ensure that you notify your group members where you’re going. Giving them an idea of where you’ll be going will indicate to them when to be most careful as they traverse through the hunting area. They won’t fire their weapons if they’re in an area where you told them you would be in. Also, as you do travel into a new area, ensure that you communicate with your party members when you will do so.

Get Familiar With The Area Where You’re Hunting 

It’s important you get familiar with the area in which you’re about to hunt in. Many locations will have maps and even consultants who will inform you of the general area. Gray Ghost Plantation’s employees are very knowledgeable about their land and so they’ll guide you when you need it. Also, ideally, you should try to visit the location before you go hunting if possible.

Carry a First Aid Kit

In the case that an emergency does occur, you should always have a first aid kit handy when you’re out in the wildlife. Ideally, if you have more than two people in your hunting party, each member should carry their own kit. This is so just in case you all decide to split up. Imagine if you’re not together and something happens. If the only person with the first aid kit is far away, you’ll be faced with a lot of problems. Hunting season safety can be considerably improved the more first aid kits are available.

Come Be a Safe Hunter at Gray Ghost Plantation

Each region will come with its own ideals of hunting safety precaution, so it’s important that you educate yourself on such when out hunting in Georgia. We’ll provide you with the right safety procedures to follow when you’re out hunting on our land. When you’re ready to go hunting safely, there’s no better place to go to than at Gray Ghost Plantation. For any inquiries, you may call us at 478-334-5841 or visit our contact page.