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5 Essential Tips for Deer Hunting in Georgia

November 11, 2022

Deer hunting in Georgia is a perfect way to enjoy your favorite outdoor sport yearly. Between the pleasure of walking around in nature, stalking your prey, and successfully catching your trophy, there are many reasons you will want your hunt to be successful. Most seasoned hunters are familiar with what to do and not to do. However, we do have a few beginner tips that can also serve as a reminder to the more experienced hunters who haven’t hunted deer in a while. Today we offer five great tips for deer hunting in Georgia.

Deer hunting in Georgia – stay quiet!

Deer are very good at listening and comprehending what is happening around them. They are used to spending their time in nature, and as such, they are very familiar with all the sounds that come with it. For example, they are used to small creatures, such as squirrels running around branches and making light noises when walking on the ground. It is like us, where we instinctively recognize other people’s footsteps.

Louder cracking sounds of larger creatures concern deer; in the same way, we might be worried by the sound of an approaching motored vehicle. The worse offender is the sound of breaking branches, indicating a bigger creature and a possible threat. Here’s some advice:

  1. Look where you walk and do your best not to walk on and break branches.
  2. Avoid making noise in general.
  3. Try not to talk. Instead, use discreet signs.

If you take your phone for deer hunting in Georgia, set it silent. No ringtones, no vibrations, just silence. 

Avoid large movement

Deer are very susceptible to movement. They will see if you make any sudden movements. If you get spotted by a deer, your best bet is to remain still. Ensure your essentials are in easy-to-access pockets and keep your arms close to your body. It should limit the more significant movements you must make to access your weapon. Smaller actions are less likely to get you seen, but being prepared will almost no movement is the best.

Pick the suitable colored clothing

One good thing about deer is that they don’t pick on red and orange colors so well. You are good with using your safety-mandated orange vest or hat when deer hunting in Georgia. You will stay visible to other hunters while remaining no-so-visible to deer. The colors you will want to avoid are on the blue spectrum. Avoid wearing blue jeans; if you use a light, maybe go for a red or orange light that won’t startle them so much.

Avoid the deer catching your scent

Deer are very good at catching your scent, especially as it might stand out from other familiar scents. Try to be clean, but avoid perfumes and noticeable smells like smoking tobacco, etc. Naturally, remember to stay downwind from your prey. If you know a spot where you can find deer, ensure the wind isn’t blowing past you in their direction. 

Vary your hunting locations

Speaking of familiar spots, ensure to vary your hunting locations. Deer will become weary and move to other places if you keep returning to the same places. Make sure to change so that your good deer spots remain reliable in the future. You will need to walk around more and constantly work on finding new locations, but it is worth it if you’re planning to hunt long-term for the whole season and years to come.

Those are just a few simple tips for deer hunting in Georgia. As we said earlier, most of you will know this, but it’s always good to remind you of a few essentials. Those tips can go a long way if you are new to deer hunting. Think about those concepts and embrace them; they will become part of your intuitive hunting routines. Feel free to book a hunt with us so you can try and practice those tips. We look forward to seeing you on our hunting plantation!