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How to hunt Quail - Northern Bobwhite Quail

How to Hunt Quail

June 18, 2020

By November, hunting enthusiasts will be able to venture out into the Georgia wildlife and snag themselves some quail. And when you need a certain location to hunt, believe us when we say that there’s no better place than Gray Ghost Plantation. Our many acres of land accommodate for just about any hunting trip pertaining to turkeys, deer, and yes, even quail. But if you’ve never hunted quail before, it’s best that you inform yourself on how to properly do so. If you simply go out to hunt for quail with little to no information to reference to, then you’ll be lost in the woods (figuratively speaking, of course). So if you wish to learn more about how to hunt quail, then continue reading below. Once you properly educate yourself, plan your quail hunting trip here at Gray Ghost Plantation.

First Off, Always Hunt in an Open Land

When you’re out hunting quail, you should avoid trying to find them in dense parts of the woods. Instead, lay low and seek out these small game by looking to open fields instead. Quail often prefer to dwell in undisturbed areas of open grasslands. Such areas have a lot of different weeds and other vegetation that quails look to eat. Moreover, they’ll also mainly eat seeds and insects that are found in these areas and even use these areas for nesting sometimes.

Use a Shotgun

Shotguns are very common firearms used to hunt quails during the season. Their wide range of effects is sure to help you snag these small birds from an inconspicuous distance. But make sure that you don’t use a shotgun that’s smaller than a 6 shot. While using such a shotgun type will help to get a quail to fall from the sky, they can possibly get back up and run away from you. Instead, use a 410 to 12 gauge shotgun to help get the job done.

Bring a Dog

If you want to make things way easier on yourself during your quail hunting trip, bring a dog with you. Dogs can easily detect nearby quail, even from a vast distance. And when you bring more than one, your quail hunting becomes much easier and you increase your chance of a successful hunt. And although you’ll have to put in a lot of effort to raise a hunting dog, you’ll find that it’ll be totally worth it in the end. Plus, it makes your hunting trips much more enjoyable when you bring a furry friend with you.

Check The Weather Before Your Trip

After a series of rainy days, your chances of finding quail increases substantially. Now, you don’t need to necessarily plan a trip when wet weather is becoming dominant in your area. In fact, you can simply hunt for quail when it’s dry outside. But wetter areas yield the best results. So when you come to Gray Ghost Plantation after a series of rainy days have taken place, it’s almost a guarantee that you’ll find quail in the area.

Never Shoot a Low-Flying Quail

It’s absolutely crucial that you don’t shoot a low-flying quail. If you aim too low and pull the trigger, you take the chance of seriously injuring or killing one or more of your hunting dogs. More so, you also risk the chance of accidentally shooting at your hunting partner. Be safe and responsible when you’re out hunting.

Book Your Next Hunting Trip at Gray Ghost Plantation

Now that you know how to hunt quail, book your next hunting trip at Gray Ghost Plantation. After applying some of these tips to your next hunting trip, you’ll find that hunting quail is relatively easy. And your quail hunting trip can be perfected when you book it at Gray Ghost Plantation. At our location, you’ll find that you’ll be exposed to a vast area of land that accommodates to fulfill just about any of your hunting needs. We’re more than confident that when you choose us to fulfill your hunting needs, you’ll be added to our growing list of satisfied customers as you return home from a fun and memorable hunting trip.

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