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Prepping For Georgia Deer Bowhunting 2020

Prepping For Georgia Deer Bowhunting 2020

June 17, 2020

In just a few months, Deer hunting season will be open to all of Georgia. Georgia residents will be able to set out into the wildlife and get themselves a deer to serve as a trophy, food, or some other purpose. The catch, however, is that in the first month of deer hunting season in Georgia, only bowhunting will be allowed for patrons. That’s right – it won’t be until October that you’ll be allowed to at least use primitive weapons to hunt for deer game. So in the meantime, practice your archery skills and get ready for the season.

If you feel lost as to how you should prepare for Georgia deer bowhunting season, then continue reading below for a simple guide.

Getting Started

First off, it’s always important that you always lower your expectations before you venture on any hunting trip. If you’re an experienced hunter, then you probably don’t need to be reminded of this. If, however, this is your first time, you need to realize that your first hunting trip may not be as successful as you want it to be. And if you’re especially going bowhunting for Georgia deer, then you need to recognize some factors that can possibly get in the way during your trip.

Now, of course, you won’t need to purchase everything in order to be totally prepared for your first hunting adventure. In fact, you can just be well-equipped by only really having the bare essentials with you.

Below are those bare essentials that you can have to help make your Georgia deer bowhunting trip manageable and, most importantly, memorable.

Georgia Deer Bowhunting Essentials

The most important item you need to go bowhunting with is, obviously, the bow itself. It can be often difficult to know which bow you need. But by visiting any archery shop, the experts there can fit you with the right equipment. They can find for you a bow that’s fitted for you best and that’s set to adequate draw weight. They’ll also provide you with the right arrows:

Some with field points for practicing purposes, and some with broadheads for when you actually go hunting.

Hunting Clothes

Having the proper fit is very critical for bowhunting. You wouldn’t want any baggy clothing snagging onto your arrow and sending it off target. And on the flip side of the coin, you wouldn’t want anything too tight or uncomfortable either. Visiting any hunting shop will allow you to try on any clothes, if possible, and the employees there can help you choose the right clothing for bowhunting deer in Georgia.

The clothes you choose, as well as the boots you include in your bowhunting attire, must meet the conditions for bowhunting. Such conditions depend on the time of the year and how hot or cold the area will be at the given moment.

Field-Dressing Kit

Having a field dressing kit would be totally helpful for every hunt that you do. After you’ve successfully hunted your deer, you can use your field-dressing kit to assist in harvesting deer meat and other organs if necessary. If you’ve never field-dressed an animal, then you’ll be happy to know that Gray Ghost Plantation assists in the harvesting of your animal. They provide a cleaning station and will even offer assistance in its retrieval and cleaning if needed. Moreover, they even have a professional processor that’s located roughly 15 mins away from their plantation where your deer can be dropped off at.

First Aid Kit

For any hunting trip you’re going on, a first aid kit will always be vital. You never know what dangers you’ll encounter on your trip and so, you’ll need to apply first aid, if necessary, for any wounds you’ve gained during your deer bowhunting pursuits in Georgia. Always ensure your first aid kit can accommodate just about any emergency that can occur while out bowhunting for deer.

When You’re Ready To Go Deer Bowhunting in Georgia, Schedule a Date With Gray Ghost Plantation

While your first Georgia deer bowhunting trip might not go exactly as you envision it, you can still be provided with the proper accommodations for it to be an enjoyable one. And if you’re looking for the best way to enjoy your bowhunting trip, go ahead and give us a call at Gray Ghost Plantation. Our wonderful hunting plantation has made every hunting trip a memorable one thanks to its natural setting and the services we’ve provided. We’re more than confident that when you choose us, you’ll be added to our growing list of satisfied customers as you anticipate your next hunting trip at Gray Ghost Plantation. For any inquiries, you may call us at 478-334-5841 or visit our contact page.